It is Hennessy Pure White Really worth the Hype?

HPW features a light, honey-color, having a glowing amber sparkle. Consider it since the sipping one cup of mid-day sunrays.

Brand new Nostrils

As soon as you discover brand new bottles, you happen to be immediately lured of the its soft, nice, nearly erotic, floral fragrance. The latest smell try strong, without being harsh, while the prominence of pine try inviting without being too overpowering.

The taste

From its looks alone, you should anticipate a highly delicate liking; To the earliest drink, the fresh new HPW carefully will bring their palette with simple flower cards and hints out of fruits, and this reduced turns into a highly advanced and delightful end.

The finish

One of many smoothest, gentlest concludes regarding a soul since the solid while the Cognac, the HPW departs your which have virtually no consuming feelings. The new HPW end up offers an incredibly white, flowery finish you to definitely persists longer than other sort of Cognac. There can be an incredibly pleasant decreased acrid bitterness and that dreaded line you to decreases your mouth for those who have substandard alcoholic beverages.

The mixture

Double-distilled, old inside the pine barrels, and you can blended with eau de vie in the Bonne Champagne, Tiny Champagne, Borderies, therefore the Fins Bois portion, it’s a great blend of complementary tastes and you will aromas.


The fresh new HPW features probably one of the most cutting-edge mixes of eau de- participate, with morale between couple of years all the way around 50, this is why HPW defies normal categorization. But not, in the event it have been to united states, we possibly may classify it as good VSOP-top quality Cognac. They blends a lot of the aromas and you will needs out-of young Cognac’s, but the smooth become away from an age-dated soul.

The price

So just how far is actually a Hennessy Light package? Since the there isn’t any certified HPW seller in the united states, most bottle are sold from the independent importers, and thus this new HPW may differ in price. Yet not, usually, a container off HPW concerns regarding the $100-$150 a bottle (plus shipments and addressing, when the relevant).

But if you purchase your absolute light Hennessy regarding the Caribbean or in Cognac, you’re capable of getting free chat room bali it at $forty to $fifty.

Within our opinion: Hennessy Natural White try well worth the hype and legend one to border it. However, because it’s not imported toward United states, the markup regarding Hennessy Sheer White are going to be absurd. In the event, provided their legendary liking and its regard given that a rare soul, you can brand of forgive the price.

Setting aside all of our conspiracy theories toward as to the reasons it’s just not sold right here (it is a marketing ploy by the Hennessy. The government was inventory piling they having nefarious function!), why don’t we explore these liquor.

Hennessy Pure White the most flexible cognacs inside the the newest (limited) market: it’s light sufficient to become drunk cool while imparting strong fruity and you may floral cards, but it’s sufficiently strong to hold its within the a beverage.

Hennessy Natural White are a favorite getting cognac lovers of every ages or feel, and it is good for those people loan companies, culture vultures and magnificence aficionados which simply want to own anything that no body else have.

Speaking of debt collectors, they will certainly get the Hennessy Pure White getting upwards the alley, because of the uniquely gorgeous, one-of-a-type model of the fresh new container. At the conclusion of the day in the event, whether you’re gathering it to have build or compound, the new Hennessy Absolute White will unite each other camps using its unbelievable preferences.

Once more, Hennessy possess yet giving People in the us an even address. The prevailing concept is the fact they “clashes” through its latest branding away from high-class spirits. That i actually find absurd: Hennessy Absolute White holds its very own which have VSOP-high quality Cognacs, during the preference and scent, plus the packaging is as gorgeous given that 2nd container.

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