Imogen, since the Clare, actually starts to say that she never appreciated your which he is actually a loser

Imogen, since the Clare, actually starts to say that she never appreciated your which he is actually a loser

Imogen takes Eli’s give and places they so you’re able to this lady heart, she tells your one to she would love new part that is most happy

Eli refuses in the beginning, but then proceeds with the test. “. It avoid the take action and you may Imogen says to Eli to use men and women thoughts to write a good play. It afterwards look at the Dot as well as have a java, in which Imogen spills the fact that she knows about the new event from the Las vegas Nights having Fitz plus the Golden-haired-Con conference experience. Eli is freaked-out you to she knows this and you will yells in the the girl, but Imogen brushes it off and you can informs him never to let the fresh new in love have the best out-of your because that’s what Clare desires. They are straight back in school after they stumble on Clare and you can he’s awkwardly delivered. Clare and Eli create agreements into the interview at the supper tomorrow. She is later on viewed just after Eli pitches his tip in order to Fiona and you will says to him great job and gives him their pills as well as informs your next flow is actually his decision. She’s last seen just after Eli yells in the Clare and that is position near to him as he dumps their pills about trashcan.

Into the Should’ve Told you Zero (1), Imogen is visible sitting on a workbench facing Degrassi. This woman is speaking-to Eli while you are Clare is making a note toward Jake’s truck. It’s noticeable she and you can Eli was flirting.

Eli loses it and you will claims “I dislike You!

For the U Do not know (1), Imogen was taking walks on babel sign in hallway with Eli and Fiona, he’s these are who’ll obtain the part off “Clara,” Imogen informs Eli one she is the best matches, Fiona after that strolls out. Whenever Eli refers to the type so you can Imogen, she informs your which reminds the lady out of a great burrito. He says to the woman that Clara was modeled just after Clare Edwards, gives Imogen the concept understand exactly how Clare acts, very she will play the region precisely.

Afterwards, Imogen techniques Clare and you will consist close to their, watching the woman all the flow. She drinks this lady liquid at the same time since the Clare, and get imitates the way she consumes and how she wipes her mouth area along with her napkin. Clare upcoming notices Imogen doing the same thing due to the fact this lady and you can Clare initiate doing things to see if Imogen tend to copy and you can she really does. Clare up coming sarcastically asks Imogen in the event that she will be able to let this lady, Imogen says “Yes, I would like to feel your.” Clare becomes puzzled until Imogen tells the woman that she desires to be “Clara.” Imogen wants assist, and you may Clare states you to one thing says to the lady that it is a bad idea (and you will Imogen says to her “Oh! Your tune in to sounds as well!” and therefore the topic changes).

Clare believes to assist her, and you can she informs Imogen to tell Eli that he shall be pleased and you can move on due to the fact the woman is pleased features a date. Imogen believes. After, Imogen walks so you can Clare throughout the places that will be carrying a bunch of instructions. She informs Clare one she discover all word of every one of the lady favourite instructions, and then make Clare astonished. Imogen requires if she will obtain the girl outfits today, but Clare says to her “Not merely yet ,.” Clare wishes a promise, she wants Imogen and make “Clara” sympathetic rather than a demon as the Clare isn’t really a demon. Imogen allows this new pledge. After after Eli refused all of the other auditions the guy feels there’s no hope up to Imogen walks in and you will states a column that produces Eli imagine she actually is able toward plot. She will continue to “feel Clare” right after which Eli and her wind up kissing. Imogen next has the character.

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